Why do home owners have Electric gates?

The four prime reasons that home owners install electric gates are:
Safety & Comfort
Resale Value

Firstly, security.
With increasing ‘yob’ culture in many areas of the country, more and more home owners are looking to increase the security of their property to combat the opportunist, the hawker, the car thief and the vandal. Automatic and electrically controlled security gates, in conjunction with a video or audio intercom, can enable home owners to provide a secure perimeter and control who has access to the entrance of their property from the safety of the home, home office or even any part of the world!

Secondly, convenience. 
There are thousands of properties that have wooden or iron gates installed but, incredibly, are permanently left open. The fact is that an open gate is not a gate! However, when you consider the number of times people drive in and out of their homes every day, it probably isn’t surprising that they are left open as this avoids the hassle of having to opening and closing them manually, especially when it is cold, windy or raining. Automatic gates will provide the security that people are looking for and no matter what the weather condition, at the press of a button on a small remote control device from inside the warmth of your car or from inside your house, the gate will automatically open and shut safely behind the people your have decided to invite into your home.

Thirdly, safety and comfort. 
With increasing road traffic, home owners are understandably concerned about the safety of their children and pets and how to stop them wondering out onto busy roads. With an electric gate system, this not only provides a secure boundary but also ensures that even when people or cars enter the property, the gates will automatically close to provide a safe and secure environment for both children and family pets.

Fourthly, resale value. 
When buying a house, it is strange how one aspect of a property can be the deciding factor. Although an increasing number of homes now have automatic electric driveway gates installed, many people still haven’t experienced the convenience that this type of entrance system provides. Not every house has one but there is no doubt that the ones that do will stand out from the crowd.


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